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annie o

Drear stranded, first of all whom ever gave you the pass should have explained how it works. I have been pass riding with Delta for 20 yrs.
Always have a backup plan and know the availability to purchase a ticket or with another airline from the layover stop and hotels transportation etc.I have had to do just that, and with no surprises!
It is not Deltas responsibility to cater to you. It is your PRIVALAGE to be a guest with them. Pass riding is a gamble, not a gaurantee. Sorry who ever got them for you did not properly explain just that. Sorry for the frustration.
A tip for you in the future is always do your homework for a backup plan, know other flight times, other airlines schedules to that destination etc. had I not done my homework last year, I would have been stuck in Toronto for 3 days! on a full fare ticket with Canada air…..
In travel it pays to have a small carry on with personal effect, and a change of clothes(have had lost luggage) know your alternate routes to wherever you are going, if stranded they aren’t going to tell you what they are(all airlines) they aren’t your travel agent. If going international always have at least 100 cash in their currency( in case your flight is late and you need a ride, meal etc.. Not everyone takes plastic(be there and done that one also)
Hope this helps…..