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Non-Reving ain’t what it used to be like in the glory days of 70’s.
That being noted if seeking or being offered a Buddy Pass THINK
VERY CAREFULLY ! This is not the 70’s 80’s 90’s – flights are full
these days.
Compare buying a revenue ticket with reservation include any
baggage charges (if on Delta you MAY get it waived) and any
other offline carrier’s silly charges like carry-on charge etc.
Compare this against taking a no over sale protection – no guaranteed
seat assignment standby ticket.
For a few dollars more with a reservation you will get on the
flight and if booked early enough get a seat be it a window or aisle
instead of the last middle seat in the house in the engine room (back of a
rear engine aircraft) or in the vicinity of a high traffic toilet (blue room)!
Yes there are few flights that lucky non-revs get on and even
perhaps in a economy comfort class – very rarely in the business
first class section – but forget this lucky stuff if traveling
at a time of high traffic between heavily traveled cities.

One of the forums I frequent there is always the bemoaning of
why some frequent flyer did not get upgraded to first/business
class AND the response from the seasoned frequent flyers posting
in that section is “IF YOU WANT FIRST CLASS BUY FIRST CLASS” this
to be guaranteed a first class seat.
Well this could very easily be compared to a non-rev wanting to
just get a seat on a flight – “IF YOU WANT A SEAT ON THE AIRPLANE

Strong medicine but look – take a close look if you know of your
travel plans several weeks in advance compare the price of the
ticket against the buddy pass; zed fare etc. and then look at
the schedule if traveling in prime time realize that non-reving
is going to be tough at any price and if you purchase a revenue
ticket you are locking in the price and your travel commitment.
No more worries here – your travel plans will go off in the time
frame that you want without standby interruptions.
If taking a cruise or some other expensive tour THINK very carefully
about what the interruption is going to do to your sane health
if traveling on standby – the ole “GET ME TO THE SHIP ON TIME”
will be the most important thing on your travel agenda !
Going standby for a short weekend visit that can be rescheduled
time and time again OK that is a great time for standby travel –
but when serious travel plans are in the mix being cheap is a bad
decision – standby travel is not the answer !
In closing my personal statement:

The OP of this thread has been exposed to this bad behavior on the part of the giver !