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If there is a good chance of making the flight the ticket/baggage counter folks
will check it to destination for you. If the flight has a forecast of being full
then check the bag on STANDBY tags – the bags board if you do and if not will
be returned to the claim area if no other flight is available that day.
Cavet that is how the system is supposed to work ! With Delta employees working
the entire station they should know the drill. If the station has contract workers
YMMV. At LAX the staff should be well familiar with “Standby Baggage” especially
with flights destined for the Hawaiian Islands.
As noted YMMV each station may have a different approach to the handling of standby
checked baggage depending on staffing – one thing important if your bags are checked
standby make sure positively to alert the gate agent in clearing your boarding pass
that you have bags on standby !