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You have another post in another subsection of the forum – – – perhaps should be consolidated !As to the question showing an exit ticket on a non rev pass could be troublesome in that you do not have printed confirmed onward ticket.But having a Standby Seat Request paper document should suffice instead since you have checked in and are planning on leaving the countryon the flight you are standing by for.So that flight departs and you were not able to get on it then you will have to get checked in on the next flight to show an effort that you arenot visiting but just in transit.Problem in that you can not check in for your flight beyond 24 hours so how do you explain what you plan to do within 72 hours to avoid theVisa issue ?Are you doing a connection ? a stopover ? just visiting less than 72 hours ? how serious are the Visa requirements ? cost of Visa ? way too many ?sAgain anyone with experience or working for Delta in China answers would be deeply appreciated for these folks as well as future travelers !