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Generally OFF (shoulder) season travel period – should be one of the best times to travel.Do you have credentials to access the DeltaNet-TravelNet to check the loads ? That is one ofthe ways to determine availability. Another is to go to and SHORT of booking a flightlook at the seats available on the seat mask. An empty or near empty First/Business cabinis a plus. Even if you do not get the front cabin some of the frequent travelers in the coachcabin will make available seats when they are upgraded. The time to avoid a flight is whenthe front cabin is SOLD OUT and the same for coach. With the TravelNet you can check tosee how many non-revs are listed for a flight - class of pass maybe a bit troublesome - butwhen the number of non-revs on the list exceed the number of empty seats - warning flagsshould go up to make an alternative choice of travel.