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First off if you are the employee or retiree and have access to the Delta TravelNet learn how to use its featuresto find out where the empty seats and best times for travel.If you are a Buddy pass rider have your employee sponsor get the information.Now if all else fails so to speak go on the internet to Delta.Com and be like a revenue fare paying customer.You can select the dates and times you want to travel and then in one of the small windows showing flightsand fares find the "View Seats" and click on it to see the unsold or unselected seats on a particular flight.You can do this without booking a reservation. This method does not show the standbys and upgrades on theselected flight. When you are through just back out and do not make a reservation."ONE THING TO REMEMBER - DO NOT MAKE A RESERVATION AND ATTEMPT TO FLY STANDBY ON THAT FLIGHT"This is a NO-NO and may result in your losing your pass benefits !On the TravelNet you can see the Standby List and on the day of the flight the Airport Standby List.If this is all strange then you could make a trip to the airport and talk with an agent (when they are not busy)to ask when is the best time to travel. General rule of thumb - try for the first flight of the day in the morning ora 'red-eye' late night trip. Stay away from later afternoon departures where all the accumulating chaos of the daydevelops and standby travel becomes very difficult.Good Luck hope this helps a bit.rma