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Jennifer4090:Sorry someone has not answered your question(s).I don't have the answers either and I wish that Delta had a 800 hot line to respond or at least a websitewith a list of FAQ for Buddy Pass users.If you are an active employee and are at a large airport check with the Station Manager or his representativefor some assistance.For a smaller airport it may take some time waiting til one of the few customer service agents can possibly getyou the answers.For a retired employee this can be a bit trouble some because you may not be able to access the station helpif the offices are beyond the TSA check point - although I think an agent should be able to get you a gate passto visit the offices within.The real hang up is the station personnel are for the most part always busy helping revenue customers so yourbest bet is to seek the answers in off hours.And another point for the readers and posters of this forum if you do have questions and get answers PLEASEfeel free to post them here for the rest of us.It would be deeply appreciated to share the knowledge of buddy pass travel.Read my post "INTERESTING READ - BUDDY PASSES" in another section.It is a cruel world out there and Buddy Pass travel is not all that it is made out to be - so be careful !rma