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Hi thereI don't know the exact round trip fare, but I can tell you that buddy pass PHX-NRT (Tokyo) was a bit under $600. It should be similar to that, I would think.However, the buddy pass rider could not get onto a weight restricted flight from ATL to NRT. After three days of watching a 747 leave with about 50 empty seats each day, he gave up and went home. Here's what happens:Near the end of the boarding period, they start going down the standby list in order. As they move down, dispatch finds pieces of cargo that they want to put on the plane as well (cargo weight can be very profitable, and nonrevs are not very profitable weight). Then, at some point, the captain declares that maximum weight has been reached, and no more nonrevs get on. Each day, all the employees and companions got on (i.e. the S2's and S3's), but few of the S4's (buddy pass riders) could get on. On one day, they actually boarded some of the S4's, but then took them off again when a big tire got loaded!I would probably be careful, unless you're already in LAX, in which case it will not be a big deal if you don't make it on. Also, I suspect the return flight is not on the list of weight restricted flights.Good luck!