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I am not an expert either – “BUT” I have a pretty good idea where to look for the answers.Is the employee-retiree sponsor available and computer savy with the Delta TravelNet ?If your sponsor is able to log into the Delta TravelNet and knows how to use the system take some time andsee what information that you need availability; fares and embargos etc.If the sponsor can not help you get back to us.While I can not sign in as your sponsor I can log in and get most of the information you need.What is best if your sponsor has worked in Customer/Passenger service and knows how to use Deltas computer system.If the sponsor worked in another field perhaps he/she knows of someone who has worked with the computer.You might check with Delta at the PDX airport.If they have some RARE FREE TIME maybe they can answer your questions - but remember not to take time away fromour customers from checking in for their flights.I did some preliminary checking for travel from PDX-MAD and return BCN-PDX and did not find any load factor restrictionsor summer time travel embargos other than the usual customary holiday ones and don't forget about the Summer OlympicGames in London which are embargoed.One note the loads are very high to europe in the summer - DO NOT expect this to be easy.Hope you are aware that the buddy passes are only good on Delta - but think about alternatives when you get to Spain oreurope and use an Eurorail Pass TRAIN ticket to get about. Say for instance you can not get to MAD but can get to Paris (PAR)then plan to fly to PAR and use the train to MAD or fly on Air France PAR-MAD. Another great connection city is AMS -Amsterdam and then use the KLM flights. If you have trouble finding space from the East Coast JFK or ATL think of MSPwith non-stop flights to LHR (London) PAR (Paris) AMS (Amsterdam) return from BCN will be a bit of problem in that youwill have to stop somewhere on the East Coast (JFK). Still yet another way to check for space if you know how to use the Delta.Com website.Use that method to check for flight schedules and then when you check off the flights that work for you will see what therevenue ticket costs - in the raw buddy passes are about 20-25% of the revenue fare.Also to get a good guess as to how many seats are sold click on the VIEW SEATS and a new window will open showing theseating diagram of the aircraft and you can see how many seats have been selected by the customers. A good indication ofthe availabity of the flight.Lots of information out there just need to know where to look and what computer system you need to find it.rma