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I checked the DeltaNet and TravelNet and did not see any embargoes of travel to SE Asia.South Africa and the Summer Olympics in London England Yes but nothing to Manila (MNL). There maybe "Load Optimization"*** restrictions on some nonstop flights to Asia maybe thatis the embargoed confusion question.However - if tavel is a questionable problem then do a bit of thinking out side the box.First off where are you located or what is your intended starting point ???Possibility of flying LAX-SYD (Syndey Australia) then taking an offline ticket back to MNL.That is of course if LAX-SYD is not an embargoed route or Load Optimized***.Another thought is ATL-MSP-JFK-DTW nonstop to NRT (Tokyo Japan) and then buying aticket for travel to the final destination (MNL).Your time frame of travel does not make it easy to get a bargain discounted revenue ticketwith reservation. These normally are made 6 months or more in advance.One way revenue (ticket) travel is generally cost prohibited in conjuction with using the buddypass for the return or outward leg of travel; but that is another factor to consider.Remember to check for any VISA rquirements in addition to having a Passport.*** "Load Optimization" this is a situation where standbys will not be boarded on a flight evenif seats are available to accomodate revenue cargo and or additional fuel to operate thenon-stop flight as intended without an enroute stop.Hope this helps a bitrma