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I'm Argentinian and I live in Palermo, but I assure you I am not biased because of that 🙂Palermo, especially Palermo chico is where all the fun is right now!It is basically the equivalent to the NY SoHo, it is definitely the hippest place where you'll find independent artists, clothing stores, pubs, restaurants, you name it.In Palermo you must check out the Centro Armenio where you can learn how to dance a lot of different styles (from Salsa to Tango) for only a few bucks a day (you can spend the whole night, every day for only $5).Buenos Aires overall has a very European touch, you'll notice from the architecture to the gastronomy of this country, thanks to the European immigrants that basically founded the city.Regarding to food, you must try Asado and a mixed grill (ask for a "parrillada mixta"), then the empanadas (there are a lot of varieties and styles), and last but not the least, the Argentine pizza which I think quite honestly it surpasses any type of pizza out there.You might be a little skeptical with my last recommendation there, but Buenos Aires had been the second city of preference after New York for Italian emigrants, therefore you can feel the distinct Italian influence in our diet. This Italian influence is very markedly noticed by tourists in our Spanish porteño accent as well. (It is said that if you scratch an Argentinian, you'll find an Italian under his skin)With that said, I think you would also enjoy the pasta and our bakeries over there. Argentine pastries have an important Italian and French influence, and this is also a legacy left from our immigrant culture.The capital has always been the cultural hub of Latin America, that's why it's been traditionally known as the Paris of America.I hope you have a blast!