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Companion pass rider login and password is not available !This becomes a very sensitive touché area of how well the employee/retiree knows and trusts you with his revocable travel privileges.Become the sorcerers apprentice and do something detrimental revealing information that should not be made available to the traveling publicand bye bye travel benefits and perhaps face monetary charges for incorrect listings/reservations on flights.Side note: last minute standby travel plans and listings are more in likely not going to have the in depth research to make alternate plans when you cannot get on a flight as planned. If the employee/retiree is not available when this occurs the problem is not going to get better.One alternative if the employee/retiree has a mutual coworker then a possibility of working something out using that persons credentials for informationis possible but still yet the pass listing is done with employee/retiree sponsor of record.Suggestion - don't plan to be in this situation ! Plan on having better communication with the employee/retiree sponsor.If last minute travel is an emergency then a companion or buddy pass is not the best guarantee to get there in time.