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Not an Official Answer …..Have you been to the site Re: SkyClub ?Here is a DIRECT LINK: around and get familar with what is and is not permissible.GuestsA member may bring immediate family (spouse or domestic partner and children under 21 years of age) or up to two (2) guests (age 21 or older, if a Club with a self-service bar) into the Delta Sky Club, provided that Delta determines that adequate space exists. However, you must remain with your guests at all times during the visit. Guest and family privileges apply only when the visitors accompany the member. Guests and family members must abide by Delta Sky Club House Rules. At partner lounges, guest access is subject to the policies of each lounge partner. Delta Sky Club cannot guarantee guest entry at partner lounge locations. It would appear that if you have a SkyClub membership you would be able to take -2- guests in with you.Thus your companion would be able to use the club traveling with you.Another option for your companion is the one day pass - rather pricey for a limited one day time use - but the amount spent can be used to apply for a full regular annual card.For an extended layover between connections or early check in for a later flight the SkyClub is a great way to relax away fromterminal maze and hub-bub noise.