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First off good that you are planning that far out – about three and half months.Start looking at for flights from DFW- (ATL & JFK) - FCO.On the website look at the fares and check on the "View Seats" to get an idea ofof how things are stacking up. "View Seats" will give you an idea if the flight isfull or a good choice for standby. With the '48 seniority (date of hire) you shouldbe first on the buddy pass class standby list.The spring of the year cruise ships tend to offer trans Alantic trips moving theships from the winter Caribbean market to the summer Mediterranean this mightbe an alternate FUN way to get from A to B.Although your focus is on Rome if things are not working out think/plan on flying intoa hub city in Europe and buying a low cost other airline ticket to Rome.Another possibility is to use Eurail to FCO once you get to Europe.Not exactly cheap but a workable alternative.Hub cities are AMS - Amsterdam. PAR (CDG) - Paris.Also consider FRA - Frankfurt & MAD - Madrid.You could also use LHR - London Delta has a daily non-stop from ATL-FCO presently using A330 equipment (290 seats).See how that will connect with your DFW-ATL flight selection.Service is also daily from JFK (Kennedy New York) to FCO.While buddy passes are a less expensive way to get where you are going they do notprovide a confirmed seat like a paid fare. If bad weather; equipment substitution 767replacing A330; mechanical problem resulting in delay and/or cancellation Delta's attention will be in getting the confirmed folks on their way. Plan to have maybe a three day buffer going and coming.This is where in checking the website for FARES you compare the cost of an inexpensivebuddy pass with a couple of overnite hotels and meals against travel on the day youwant with that confirmed ticket.Don't fret the fine print above but be aware it does happen sometimes.When it does it comes as a rude shock if you have not thought out alternate plans.Bear in mind to check for our Holidays as well as the Holidays in Italy (Rome).Easter falls at the end of March - Sunday March 31.Another factor for consideration - when is Spring Break ? Probably in April but ???In a nutshell that should get you started.With the sponsoring folks having a '48 seniority they may not be up to par on all thedetails of buddy pass travel - so any further questions do come back to have themanswered.If your travels are toward the first part of the month of March I think your travelswill work just as you plan with minimal cost.rma