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Well it is sort of like this – – – If your sponsor companion does not list you for a flight - then when you show up at the airport to check-in there will be NO RECORD of a listing.So that is not so bad for the employee or retiree since that person just goes to the kiosk in front of the baggage/ticket counter and punches in allthe employee data and makes a listing. Now in your case unless the employee sponsor provides you with all the data to make a listing you simplycan not check-in and fly. So have your sponsor make the listing in advance. Then when you arrive at the airport just go to the kiosk to retrieveyour listing and SEAT REQUEST BOARDING CARD that will be on file.In essence "No Listing - No Check-in - No Travel" Do not pass go (security) "No Boarding (Seat Request Card)" your pass to get thru security toget to the gate and try your luck on standby !rma