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While I agree with the previous poster about dressing respectfully because you are a reflection of the company, this is the official policy copied from another forum:For those of you who non-rev on DL. Effective April 15, 2007 non rev pax on DL will enjoy a very lenient dress code policy.Overall appearance should be well-groomed, neat, clean, safe and respectful, from head to toe. Clothing should be respectful of fellow passengers. Footwear -- shoes are required unless the pass rider is not able to wear footwear due to a disability or physical conditionAttire previously not acceptable that is now allowed includes shorts, T-shirts, Jeans (in all classes), flip flops, ball caps, tank tops, tattoos, body piercings, and extreme hairstyles.From the DLNet site,"if the attire is appropriate for a revenue passenger to wear, then a non-revenue passenger can wear the same attire."One clear benefit for Delta's operations will be the elimination of dress code enforcement from the job description of the CSA allowing them to concentrate their resources on customer service of the fare paying customers.Think of dressing for the office, and maybe dressing for "casual Friday" (sometimes) you are good to go. I do think it is embarrassing to see nonrevs in shorts, flip flops, and ball caps. Not only are you not respecting Delta, but you are not respecting yourself.