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Please make sure your travel plans do not conflict with embargoed period of the London Summer Olympics.Read the following Delta Embargo Notice:Buddy pass embargo planned around London Olympic Games January 31, 2012 Delta will restrict buddy pass travel on selected dates between the U.S. and London and Manchester, England, around the beginning and the end of the Summer Olympic Games based on the heavy forecasted demand for seats.Millions are expected to converge on London during the global sporting competition.The embargo will include all Delta flights to and from the U.S. and London-Gatwick, London-Heathrow and Manchester. The London Games will start July 27 and run through Aug. 12.The eastbound embargo dates into the two cities are July 20 through July 30, and the westbound departing dates are Aug. 9 through Aug. 19. Buddy pass riders will be able to travel to London and Manchester between July 31 and Aug. 8.Delta’s Revenue Management team said the embargo is necessary based on the extremely strong demand for seats it is already seeing for travel into and leaving the U.K. around the dates, and also because of the historical demand during these large-scale global events. The early announcement will allow people who might be considering attending the games to plan accordingly.While employee nonrevenue travel will not be restricted to the U.K. during this period, Delta’s Pass Travel team encourages travelers to be aware of the expected heavy bookings during this period on Delta and other carriers serving the U.K.“As with any standby travel, nonrevs should have back-up plans ready, have appropriate paperwork and funds available, identify any alternate routings and purchase ZED fare (zonal employee discount) or industry discount reduced-rate tickets in advance,” said Carol Smart, program manager-Pass Travel. *****Now don't give up yet think of alternatives use your buddy pass to go to Paris or Amsterdam and then take surfacetransportation such as the Eurail Pass (Train) to get to the UK. Check on flights to Ireland as another solution.If you are really flexible then consider staying far away from the maddening crowds try another time frame.rma