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Craig:This is not my best field to offer advice or guidance but - - -First thing I hope you bought your Fly for Less Discount ticket with a Delta Skymiles American Express Card.Reason you get miles for using the card for your purchase.Then you get miles again for travel.If the travel purchased is in the First or Business cabinthen there is a 50% bonus mileage added.Now as regarding the upgrade best you call Delta'sSkymiles department for the answers unless you havesomeone who works actively at a gate clearing the upgradesand can explain how that works.The Skymiles people should be able to answer your upgradequestions and also que you in on getting the Economy Comfortcabin seating if First or Business is not viable.Periodically Delta offers opportunities to buy additional miles ona buy one get one free or something similiar. You can purchaseup to 60,000 miles a year with this program. If you can affordit suggest buying a few miles every now and then to pad yourskymiles account to have the booty barter to negotiate theupgrade process. And of course frequent revenue travel helpsto get the miles and see how the program of upgrading works.As an employee active or retired using your pass benefits to upgradeis not possible - YET - it does not hurt to plant a seed in a gate agentsmind that you maybe be able to help out an oversale or other seatingdispute situation by being the right person in the right seat at the righttime and subsequently the key to alls well that ends well and the doorcloses to an on time departure. Be there be that person !rma