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Note that you are traveling Caracas Venezuela to Paris.Your first leg of the trip will be to Atlanta; Flight 802.From ATL four possibilities to CDG 1 - ATL-CDG non stop2 - ATL-DTW-CDG3 - ATL-JFK-CDG4 - ATL-MSP-CDGIf your pilot sponsor has access to the DeltaNet (TravelNet) have him check out the flightsfor space and also run a check on what the buddy pass is going to cost you for multiple flights.See below for hint on alternative travel plans - - -You can access the revenue flights for space by going to in the travel blanks with your date(s) and when the computer gives you the flights andthe fares look for the View Seats and click on that - - - a seating diagram will appear will allthe seats that are available and those that have been taken by customers with reservations.You may luck out with a Business class seat but don't count on it. A good rule of thumb if theflight shows more than 30 empty seats your flying standby gets better but remember that thereare standbys both revenue and non-revenue ahead of you.Travel in general to europe is always a problem for standbys even more so in the summer.You say you are a college student so what do all of you guys do in the summer - well go to places like europe - but you are going a bit early - good idea with plenty of time going andreturning.HINT - - -If you have all your eggs in one basket - change your plans and think about using an alternatecity such as Amsterdam (AMS) and then take the train (Eurail Pass) from Holland to France.It will cost you something and perhaps a day in travel but you can get to where you want to gowith time and patience.Also Don't change your travel plans in midstream.Buddy passes are not that easy to change the itinerary once issued.Perhaps one of the Atlanta based forum readers could help fill in the specific flights and note thegeneral space available trend.I am in MSP (Minneapolis/St.Paul) and can contribute only a fraction of the information you will need.rma