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FYI to all non-rev, They have a new policy to accommodate all paid pax first on all flights. I found the information below on DeltaNet.

Revenue standby passengers have priority over all NRSA passengers. Revenue passengers standing by for coach class should not be cleared into first class to accommodate additional coach standby revenue passengers. Follow these steps to manage revenue standby passengers: 1. Honor all requests to be added to the ASL up to 30 minutes before departure. 2. When working a multi segment flight, advise a downline thru passenger that they could be removed midpoint to accommodate local revenue confirmed passengers. 3. If necessary, remove through NRSA passengers ([email protected]) to accommodate local revenue standby passengers. 4. Always try to upgrade Delta’s high-mileage SkyMiles members first and in the following order: • Platinum Medallion EPs • Platinum Medallion • Gold Medallion • Silver Medallion