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It would be helpful if you tell us where you are traveling from – to and what your standby status is – – –I presume you are on a employee sponsored 'Buddy' Pass.Basically arrive at the airport a minimum of 1 hour before your flight in a small rural airport or 2 or morehours in a large airport ie. ATL (Atlanta). If your travels take you to an international destination then youmay even need 3 hours for documentation etc.At the airport check-in at the Delta kiosks found usually in front of the Delta ticket/baggage check-in counter.Since this would be your first experience using the kiosk you may need one of the Delta representatives toguide you through the check-in process to place your name on the Airport Standby List which is differentfrom the Standby List you are presently on.It is helpful if you remembered or copied down the 6 digit/letter PNR (Passenger Name Record) when you didthe initial listing.That expedites the kiosk check-in procedure.If there is no Delta representative to help you and you can not figure out how to use the kiosk then go to thebaggage check-in counter for the assistance - even if you have no baggage to check.At the baggage check-in counter check any baggage you have and please verify that the check-in agent haschecked your bag(s) to same destination you are going to.If you are able to use the kiosk unassisted and do not have any checked baggage (only carry-on) then take thepaper document called a "Seat Request" card dispensed from the kiosk and proceed to the TSA Security check.At this point before you do that check the TV monitors or look at your "Seat Request" Card for the gate thatyour flight is departing from. Some airports have multiple TSA check points locate the one that is nearest to the gate/concourse you are departing from and go to that check point.You will need to get the "Seat Request" Boarding Pass to go thru the TSA security check point to go to the gate andwait for standby clearance.In addition make sure you have a photo ID i.e. Drivers License and if your travel is international MOST IMPORTANTLYYOUR ***PASSPORT*** and any VISAs documents.This more in likely will be your first experience in clearing the TSA security point so - - - NO Guns Knives sharp pointed objects fluids in bottles more than 3 ounces - - -AVOID BAD JOKES for obvious reasons - - -Remove your shoes and jacket or coat metal belt buckles coins car keys from your pocket and place in the smalldish/tray provided - - - cell phones laptops and other electronic media put these in the trays provided.All these are placed on a conveyer belt to go thru an exray type machine.Ideally you should be just wearing clothes made of fabrics with no metal decoration. (Some watches may have to beremoved to pass the inspection).You go thru another imaging or metal sensing station.When directed go thru the security station and if not further checked pick-up the items placed in the tray(s) and assembleyour life again and proceed to the gate.KEEP your paper (Passport-Wallet w/paper money seat card) documents with you when you pass thru the TSA inspection.Amble on down to the departure gate and wait to hear your name called for converting the "Seat Request Card" to areal "Boarding Pass" with seat assignment. Most airports have standby clearance done automatically without calling yourname. In this case check the TV monitor near the gate counter to see if you have been cleared then check with the gateto exchange the "Seat Request Card" for the "Boarding Pass".Then board the aircraft when your zone seating is announced or if the standby clearance is done at the last few minutesbefore departure then board the aircraft at that time - pronto to help expedite an 'On Time' departure without delay !If for some reason you do not get on the flight you stood by for - - - wait til the flight has left the gate and talk with thegate agent about moving you to your next standby opportunity. If at a very large airport (ATL) for instance go to any ofthe service counters for assistance if the gate agent is busy or requests that you do so. Try NOT to go back to the check-incounter outside of security for assistance - dumb move as you have to clear security again !This is a general summary of what you need to do and does not provide all the answers.Got any further questions ask anyone along the check-in trail - better to be well informed reading "Standby Flying for Dummies"than making no comments and not going anywhere.Hope this helps and is not overkill - first time is always a rough one til you know the drill.rma