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Way too general a question.Some days one is better than the other - both have non-stops and a variety of connections.Weather seasonal load factors and Hawaii visitor traffic are other factors.Weather may be your friend or a foe take what you can get and make the most of it.Summer is oddly worse than the Winter. More families with children and school teachersbetween class/years and more folks from the southern portion of the USA escaping to the airconditioned islands than the northern folks who escape only in the winter.One week either side of Thanksgiving is the worse period. The Presidents holiday weekend isone to avoid. Christmas to New Years really not so bad if traveling on the actual holiday.The unknown factor is when all the eligible non-revs decide at the same time to escape at thesame time as when you do.Most of the non-rev traffic is high priority S2 type vacation travel as opposed to S3 a weekendlark. S3Bs S4s and Buddy passes fit in the jig saw when ever it looks promising.But the rule of thumb is to get to the departure point and to try and take the FIRST flight out ! Better to do this at one of the coastal cities. Avoid thru flights like the plague.Waiting later results in more non-revs skewering the availability and revenue misconnects enteringthe picture bumping non-revs perhaps to the next day.Plan on making this travel a two or three day event to ease the blood pressure.Use the DeltaNet - TravelNet and watch the trend several days or weeks in advance to get a ideaof availability. You might contact any other offline friends as to how they are faring with theircompany travels. Give a thought to buying a ZED fare if travel looks better for a back up onanother carrier at least so far as to get across the water portion of the trip - once on the mainlandother options open up if you are really desperate.That being noted "The curtain has been pulled on the 'Wizard of OZ'" don't take all this as a "NEGATIVE"endorsement of Hawaiian travel it is simply just a matter that these are the highest traveled routeswith more free frequent flyer miles redemptions and a lot of folks plan these travels on the spur of themoment just like they would going to a show in Vegas.Also factor in the government/military moving its personnel by commercial aviation.When you get to your island paradise enjoy your 'Mai-Tai' on the beach or hotel balcony ! Now get to busy planning and 'worrying' about the factors holding you back.Every day non-revs go to and from the islands make sure that you will be one of them.Now regarding ATL or SLC being better maybe one of our recent traveling forum members would care to comment.