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OK – noticed that you are listed on the flight (489) with no pass classification.Flight 489 operates JFK (New York Kennedy airport) to PUJ (Punta Cana, Dominica Republic).You are the ONLY ones listed at this time.Off line non-rev would be a S4.Flight 489 is a 737-800 with 16 FC and 144 YC.Booked with 12 in FC and 143 in YC.Availability - F/C 4/16 and Y/C 1/7/144.So odds are very good - hopefully your party of -3- will be seated somewhere in coach (and together?).Ordinarily non-revs are assigned the best seat in the house (FC) - (Pass class and seniority as factors).Your S4 is the lowest pass class - still yet if you are the ONLY ones non-reving you should get on in coach.The likelihood of getting FC is difficult to predict.After clearing the Upgrades and Premium customers there should be seats available in coach.This routing non-stop is the best over the alternative of going thru ATL (Atlanta).The availability on Flight 1743 JFK-ATL a 757 (about 20 some non-revs listed) is a possibility but makes atight connection to Flight 543 ATL-PUJ a MD88; a smaller aircraft (capacity 149) no non-revs listed (YET).RMA