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To access the standby list and the airport standby list on the day of the flight you must be an employee orretiree with access to the DeltaNet - TravelNet.LINK: that window opens check on whether you are the employee or retiree and ENTERA new window opens with User ID and PasswordThe Used ID is your employee payroll number (9 digits)The Password is whatever you have established as your Password - 8 characters at least 1 number 1 upper case and 1 lower case letterWhen properly authenticated a new window opens with the DeltaNet information.In the upper right banner bar check on the TravelNet box and a new window opens with Leisure Travel highlighted.For space available travel just use the window and fill in the information.For Fly for Less Discount travel click on the Leisure Travel and use the drop down menu.For other airline travel click on Leisure Travel and use the drop down menu.**********IMPORTANT ***You can use the TravelNet for FREE but to list and buy discounted travel you must pay the annual $50.00 fee - - -Details under Manage My Account.**********To check the standby list and or airport standby list on the day of the flight Click on TOOLS and use the drop down menuto go there. You can also check on if a flight is on time and what gate it will arrive or depart from.Use this wisely with the revenue Delta.Com website and you can obtain a wealth of information about the chances and availability of space available travel.A fast way to tell the availability (empty seats) on a flight is to go to the Delta.Com site and put in the flights you would like to useto go to your destination and then check the VIEW SEATS and a seat diagram will appear showing all the seats selected and theempty ones. Don't be discouraged if the airport standby list shows a lot of revenue standbys and the First/Business cabin is open. Most of thesestandbys want to be upgraded and will leave a nice coach seat open. If there are a great deal of NON-Revenue standbys now thereis problem.From the non-rev standby list you can see the priorities of those standbys that have listed themselves.So if you are NOT the employee or retiree you will need to find one with the internet access or visit the Airport and find an agentwho can get you the info.Employees and retirees without internet access can get the information the Ole Ma Bell method by dialing the 800 number - - -"BUT" you will still need an employee ID (payroll) number and date of employment to access the info.