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Have sent you an email with several possibilities GSO-AMS and the return one week later – gives you an idea of the flightschedules and present availability.Don't overlook the possibilty of travel thru MSP (Non-Stop flight daily) Summer time travel to europe is always a problem - good idea to have a few days to play the standby game.Yes you would have to claim the bags and check them in on the next flight.If the next flight is on KLM; a Delta SkyTeam partner, then this should not be too bad an ordealIf flights inter europe are full check out the alternate solution:Alternate solution - check out buying an eurail TRAIN ticket pass (buy in USA before you leave for europe).May take you a day or two to get to BUD from AMS.If AMS is not a primary visiting point think of Paris (CDG) Rome (FCO) Frankfurt (FRA)CAUTION = = = London travel will be almost impossible at the times that you are traveling - Reason "SUMMER OLYMPICS"and as side note I believe it is embargoed. Travel to and from europe will be very hard to predict because of that.As for seat availability coach is generally full and sometimes oversold. The oversales are then bumped up into theBusiness class leaving little if any room for anything but the highest of S2 vacation employees. Buddy Passes go as S4and are at or near the bottom of the standby list.Your employee sponsor should be able to explain how the standby classification works and help you with listing and checkingflight availability. If he is not in the passenger service field make a note of the flights that may work for you from the emailI sent you and post the desired routing you want here. I or someone else can give you thumbs up or down on your plans orperhaps offer other solutions. That is enough information to digest at this time.Regards;rma