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It should be do-able without much of a problem other than NYC air traffic control snafus.To make this better go on the and check the information for frequency of on time arrivals and departures for the flights you are looking at.While there also check on the Gates normally/usually used for the arrival from CVG and the Departure to FCO.Still worst case scenario you should be OK but find a graphic airport layout and see what you have to do to negotiate the maze timely.While I don't think that there are any Passport or Custom controls but check and see if your connection from say a domestic terminal to an internationalone would require you to go outside security and then reenter (a time delaying event at best).And of course avoid the NYC musical airport game - Arrive LGA or EWR and then depart JFK requiring surface transportation between airports.I has been a few years since I have done the NYC Europe transit - other forums users a little *MORE* help here would be appreciated for current situation.On a lark I check todays (3/24) sequence:Todays flight CVG to JFK today is numbered 6240 and arrives Term 2 Gate C64Your flight CVG to JFK 3/30 is numbered 3711 - - - DL connection carrier Endeavor AirThe connection JFK to FCO is numbered 1040 and departs Term 1 Gate TM1Your flight JFK to FCO 3/30 is numbered 444 - - -Looking at the available seats on 3/30 - very good odds of your making and being in business class (at the present viewing)!Good Luck !