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Reporting this in a (this) forum is not going to get the attention of the people necessary to make the attitude change in that individual.The Station Manager at the DFW location would be one of the people who could help in this matter.In your report state the facts and not personal feelings (although I know that is hard to do):Flight number - - - Gate if applicable - - - Time of day - - - Circumstances - - - note you stated something about another airline cancellationOther non-revs being handled in the same way or Other - - - Any announcements made to keep order out of the hands of mayhem - - -Provide the ---BLANK--- details as best you can without flaming insults.Yes everyone has a bad day from time to time - it happens - someone dumps a load of cancelled passengerson your door step - how one deals with it can lead to reward or criticism/complaint from others such as yourself.Try to make this a productive issue for all of us.