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That is a loaded question. Flts can change really fast. And it also depends on how many non-rev's are listed for the flt. A lot of things can change in a week, and a lot of non-rev's can list in a week, and it also depends on the size of the aircraft. I usually look at the flts a week out and I don't list until its a few days out, so you can see that the non rev list can really increase the last few days and depending on your senority will dictate how far up the list you will be. I also have seen flts with 20 seats the day before, and then the next day it has a negative number… So its a crap shoot…. Try and plan, but just realize things change weekly, daily, hourly… IROPS, MISCONNECTS, NO SHOWS, ETC. ETC. GOOD LUCK -GONE FISHING (2006/08/10 10:48)