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Read the thread/post just before or after this one “Accessing TravelNet”.Now are you the employee (retiree) with the credentials to access the TravelNet ?If so have you set up your access to the DeltaNet and the subnet TravelNet ?If you have done this come back and I (we) can direct how to go about getting theinformation about seat(s) availability.An alternate method:If you are not eligible to access the DeltaNet (TravelNet) you can get an idea of howfull a flight is by going to Delta.Com and follow the prompts to book a flight.After inserting the city pairs and date a menu of flights will be displayed. Look forthe "VIEW SEATS" somewhere in the block and click on that to display the seat diagramwith the seats selected and those that are left.This gives you a fairly good idea of how full a flight is and if it is worth an effort to standby for it.Do not book the flight if you are only checking to see the empty seats ! *****CAUTION*****DO NOT BOOK A FLIGHT - CANCEL THE BOOKING AND ATTEMPT TO FLY STANDBY ON THAT SAME FLIGHT !!!!!Your free and reduced rate flight privileges may (WILL) be subject to forfeiture !