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1st Time Buddy Pass User – MSP to ICN (Seoul)

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      I have the privilege of using a buddy pass through a friend who is employed by Delta. I'm super excited and have always had fine experiences with the airline, so I'm really excited to take this opportunity!I am planning a trip to South Korea, leaving from Minneapolis, in a few weeks (July 26). The outbound flights look great and I am not concerned.Coming home, however, is appearing to be more challenging. Many flights already appear to be overbooked.My friend is looking into other options for me. One thought was to buy a ticket from Korea to Shanghai, and then flying to Minneapolis from there. My concern is whether or not I can do this without getting a Visa.I did my research, and US travelers do not need to a Visa if they are in a Shanghai airport for transit (not to exceed 48 hours). My concern is - will they still let me do this even though my ticket is actually standby?Also... if this is complicated or risky, does anyone have any other potential options for me to get home from Seoul to Minneapolis?

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      I think it's too late to answer this for you…and it's just a guess anyway, but I think they will not be happy if you do not have a visa. Let us know what happened!

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