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      One of the most frequently-asked questions I receive here relates to how employees, family members, and companions can access TravelNet to book non-rev travel and check availability and schedules. Recently, Delta made a major change in the way TravelNet is accessed: you no longer need to install any special VPN software or obtain certificates. Access DeltaNet by going to Log in using your PPR (usually 9 digits, in the form '0xxxxxx00') You will need a Delta Passport in order to access the site. If you used to access DeltaNet using VPN, you can use your employee ID and password you used before. If you don't have a Delta Passport, you need to register for one at the Delta Passport Self-Service site: At this site you can create a new account which you will use for access. Remember that access is allowed only by authorized individuals, so if you are not sure who may access the system, check with Delta. If you have any questions about the system, or want to help out by answering someone's questions, or just feel like posting some useful information that would help your fellow non-rev travelers, please participate here!

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      I am a parent of an active Delta employee and have my “11” digit PPR. Am I allowed to register at the “Delta Passport Self-Service” site and access the flight availability list? If not, will this ever be available to parents? Checking flight availability via the phone is very time consuming!!!

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      No- only the employee is given a passport ID and password.

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      I am a domestic partner of NW/DL pilot. Does he have to list me for travel on TravelNet as well, or can I do it myself?

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      Officially, only the employee is permitted to access travelnet. You should talk to him or her, though, and ask how it works, and see if you can manage to do it on your own. It's not too hard, and your employee would certainly love to have you do it instead, as long as you are totally trusted, because you would have access to a lot of sensitive information, like salary, HR, benefits, etc.

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      I am the adult daughter of a retired employee.

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      Susan Flavin

      I am a retired DL employee. Is my husband permitted to use travel net to list or check flights using his computer. If so, how would he set it up.

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      Please see above regarding whether or not he is allowed. Setting it up is not required — you just have to visit the website. This information should be provided by Delta.

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