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Amsterdam "BUDDY PASS" Restrictions 2015

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      Once there were BUDDY PASS restrictions and then there were none “BUT”

      Copied from another forum:

      ……..Heads up for those who may not have seen this alert !

      Buddy Pass travel exit AMS (Amsterdam) is not permitted during the following time periods: From May 10 through May 20 and from June 2 through June 10 due to a new centralized security process change in AMS. From July 3 through July 20 due to peak summer airport construction at the AMS airport.
      It does pop up when you go to list and is under the embargos BUT since we all knew embargoes had been eliminated last year.. would not occur to check.. We found when checking loads and thought good to let all know !

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      Couple questions about this…

      1) BUDDY PASS- What if we’re using a ZED for a non Delta employee? Is that still considered a Buddy Pass, does this still apply to us?
      2) BUDDY PASS Travel exit AMS.. Does that mean we can fly into AMS and fly out with KLM? Example: ATL(DL)-AMS(KL)-SXM? But not with DL?

      Thanks in advance!

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      I’m trying to get someone to Copenhagen but the only flight i could get connected at JFK. The flights that connected through Amsterdam and Paris were listed but I couldn’t choose any of them. The kid is Danish and 18 years old and stuck in NYC and apparently no other way to get home except one flight a day which he has now been bumped from after getting bumped trying to leave Atlanta to JFK yesterday. What’s the deal with the embargoes after the summer restrictions should have ended.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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