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Are holidays good for Buddy Pass travel?

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      I usually get passes from an employee that does all the research for me, but this time I'm on my own except for the actual booking. I have a buddy pass to fly from Honolulu to Atlanta on July 1.I absolutely have to be in Atlanta by July 8th.So here is my question, is it typically easier to fly on holidays? Should I aim to fly July 4th? Will that be my safest bet? Or will all the days around there usually be the same as far as availability?Thanks in advance!

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      Well, as you probably know there's no way to know. However, in my experience holidays themselves do tend to be a lot more open, since everyone has already traveled to their holiday destination. If I were traveling, I would probably go on the 4th, which would leave you with 4 more chances after that if you didn't make it. Make sure you check blackout dates too!

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