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      Can anyone tell me what “au” means when looking at seat availability?For example: av/au/cap.

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      AV= available seats so -5 means oversold by 5AU= the number of seats authorized to sell so if 4 it means they can still sell 4 more seats even if oversoldCA= capacity of the ship

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      OK – presume that is for the coach section of the aircraft.With a dual cabin (First/Business & Coach) check to see the same Av/au/cap figures for the First Class cabin.Then tally up both cabins to see the magnitude of the oversale.The flight may be oversold in coach but available in first/business where the oversold passengers may be accomodated toalieve the oversale (lucky devils).Thus your non-revenue pass may still have an opportunity if there are seats still remaining after reassigning seats.Does not mean that you will get First/Business class.The revenue upgrades may fill those seats but by upgrading from coach after the oversale you might possibly get acoach seat from the upgraded revenue customer.Don't ask a gate agent to explain this when he is busy.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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