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      What are the best and worst days to try to Non-Rev fly.

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      Way too many variables here !Where are you trying to fly to ?Non-Stop or multi-stop/connection ?Delta Mainline flights or code share partner ?General rule of thumb - get on the first flight of the day non-stop if available -avoid flying toward the end of the day when all the things that go wrong go wrongi.e. cancellations reroutes over sales back up of higher ranking non-revs forced intothe same boat that you are standing by for.If going to New York; Los Angeles or San Francisco look at alternate airports i.e.JFK/LGA/EWR - LAX/ONT/LGB/SAN - SFO/SJC/OAK if you can get within a 100 milesor so of your destination surface transportation might just get you there before sundowninstead of wasting time at some gate to finally learn to come again and try the next day.Look at the alternative of flying further than necessary i.e. ATL MSP then back to MKEor ATL BOS and shuttle back to NYC even Amtrak !Free does not work all the time be prepared to pay for travel especially timely travel !Monday mornings and Friday late day are apt to be impossible - Thanksgiving Holidaysand the February Presidents Holiday weekend avoid this most disappointing period oftravel - Christmas and New Years not so bad avoid the days leading up to the holidayand travel after - Positive suggestion travel on the holiday itself !Avoid travel in and near sporting events i.e. SuperBowl and the College bowls (Rose).If near a Cruise Port i.e. Miami use care around prime sailing days - weekends !During Spring Break use care anywhere the beach going kids are destined to party.Don't be fussy 'RedEye' trips can get you there.AND when all else fails remember that you can purchase a ticket just like the publicand use your travel benefits to buy that ticket at a discount with positive space.Avoid buddy passes and use the highest class of pass you are eligible for. PLAN PLAN and then PLAN some more - know your options and how to use them !

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