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Buddy Pass – Change return date of travel without being a buddy-pest?

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      I'm obviously not an employee, otherwise I would know how to request this change.My husband is on a buddy pass, and he needs to change the return day.

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      What I like to do it just call delta directly on their 800 number. enter the digits to get to a ticketing rep (make sure to pick international or domestic appropriately, and choose that you do not have a skymiles number), and ask politely if he or she would have time for a buddy pass ticketing question. I have only been refused once or twice and have called many times. If they're not busy they usually don't mind helping. If they answer quickly (i.e you don't have to wait on hold) then they are probably not too busy. They don't seem to mind doing a listing for you.All you really need to do is relist on the flight the next day. As long as you're not changing any cities, you don't need to reticket, and it should take just a sec.If that fails, you can always go to the airport and ask them to do it. Also, in the worst case scenario, he can show up the next day. He will have been removed from the listing, but he can just relist at the airport and go. He should give himself enough extra time to get in line and do that before he goes to the gates.Note that this is not the approach Delta wants you to take -- they want you to call the my delta number. But it does work if you're in a pinch.Good luck!

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