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      Hello all! I was given a buddy pass from my friend to get home from China. I would also like to use the second leg to go India with a stop over. I have already booked PEK to SFO with the connection in NRT (not stopping)When I phoned Delta I wanted to add SFO-BOM. The route, using only Delta planes means I have to change planes in Amsterdam (AMS). I asked if I could stop in AMS for 3-4days as I have a friend studying there. She told me that I couldn't have a Stop Over on an Open Jaw flight. I was under the impression that Delta allows one of each for a ticket. Was this agent misinformed. Should I try calling back to sort it out again? I would really like to stop of if Amsterdam and since it is a city I have to fly through anyways on DL only planes, I don't really understand why I couldn't stop there and continue on to India a few days later. Any help would be appreciated. What to say the next time I phone it in. Thanks for your time

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      Have you reviewed your post at the FlyerTalk Forum and discussed this with your employee sponsor ?Changing forums is not going to change the rules and answers from the pass bureau.Also consider buying a cheap revenue ticket to fill in the gaps of city pairs not covered by the BP.With the travel you have planned did you look at the cost of buying a discounted round the world ticketwith all those stopovers planned. We don't have Pan-Am anymore but an experienced travel agent couldperhaps come up with routing and plan between two carriers.And while BP work - international markets can really be troublesome with embargos and seasonal loads.

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