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      A friend who works at Delta is getting ready to let me use a buddy pass from SLC to ATL. But I was wondering if there was a required purchase by date on the tickets?For example does the ticket need to be purchased 14 days in advance or 7 days in advance, etc?I have never used a Buddy Pass and neither had my friend but they are currently away for a few days so they cant directly answer my question.

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      There is no advance purchase for the buddy pass. Your friend has to book the flights so pick out the best day to travel and the flight numbers. Give these to your friend with your credit card. A word of advice. You are flying standby and should not attempt to fly to Europe in the summer. You will most likely get stranded.

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      UTMar:Terra57's comment about travel to Europe does not apply to your SLC-ATL plans.Otherwise the answers provided are correct.Regarding travel SLC-ATL a general rule of thumb for most all non-revenue space available travel isto try to travel out of the normal prime time travel pattern.In other words first thing in the morning and red-eye night trips.rma

Viewing 2 reply threads
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