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      Hello all I hope someone can answer this question because International Rez agents can't. I am on a Paid Ticket in coach (T), I am an employee of US and would like to see about getting Business Class. There were a lot of seats available 20+ and I am traveling on the 24th of Dec.134 ATL-JFK78 JFK-TXLReturn on 31 Dec117 STR-ATLIt would be great if someone could tell me exact loads in Business. I am not sure if DL allows OAL in a Business on a stand by basis. On know on US we charge $25 but that is rarely enforced, this includes OAL on non rev or full fare. If someone would like to upgrade me because of you love US 😉 (No Hard Feelings) or if it is a bribe you need I am available for free upgrades on US, computer/website help or even cash. Email me! [email protected]Thank you, Ben

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