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Can I fly on KLM with a buddy pass?

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      My first question is can I fly on KLM?Secondly, I had a flight (plan B in case I couldn't fly on KLM) that looked wide open on the Delta website, and now it is gone. When I call the nonrev 1-800 number, it says it isn't a valid flight, but when I type in the flight number on the website, it is there. There is just no info on it anymore. Has anyone every experienced this?

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      I do not think you are able to fly on other airlines. I believe you have to fly on delta planes (or delta connection carriers). Once, AeroMexico and Air France were eligible, but no longer. Just because a flight shows up as a Delta flight on the main Delta customer website does not mean it is a real Delta flight — It could be a codeshare flight that pass riders wouldn't be eligible for. You should be able to find a Delta flight to most anywhere that you want to go, or close to it…Where are you trying to go?

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      I was afraid of that. I am trying to fly to Amsterdam. Detroit to AMS looks good, but I won't be able to get from Toronto to Detroit on a Delta flight. HOw do you know the difference between a delta plane / carrier and a noncarrier since they both show up on the flight search?

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      Are you referring to Travelnet search?

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