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      Tried a search, didn’t come up with anything useful. Wife and I are planning non-rev travel KLAX-PLIH. Normally we travel with carry on bags only but now wish to check a bag in addition to our carry ons. If anyone can advise the best way to check a bag whether it be at the counter or the gate I’d appreciate it.

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      So you are on a pass – you can check two bags each free on the routing Los Angeles to Lihue HI.
      Checking the baggage at the counter is the best way as it will free you of the hassle of taking
      the baggage thru the TSA security point – It is bad enough that your carry-on bags are inspected
      by the snooper TV and your person itself – weapons of mass destruction my something not printable !
      The only time you would not want to check your bags is if the flight is impossibly filled and
      oversold and you could not part with them for the next (days) flights. Not likely on flights to LIH.
      If your checked baggage is security free you can lug it to the gate and have it gate checked for
      loading in the cargo hold or if small enough and space in the overhead bins is available stow it
      there – your option decision – but then maybe not if the flight is full.

      Finally are you the active employee or traveling on a buddy pass ?
      Active employee you should not have too much of a problem working this out.
      For the Buddy Pass standby this introduces other problems.
      In either case if the flight is open really not to be too concerned !

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        Thanks R.M. We’re traveling as retires on S3B passes. I thought I might be able to check a bag at the curb but wasn’t sure how to retrieve it if we didn’t make the flight.

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        If there is a good chance of making the flight the ticket/baggage counter folks
        will check it to destination for you. If the flight has a forecast of being full
        then check the bag on STANDBY tags – the bags board if you do and if not will
        be returned to the claim area if no other flight is available that day.
        Cavet that is how the system is supposed to work ! With Delta employees working
        the entire station they should know the drill. If the station has contract workers
        YMMV. At LAX the staff should be well familiar with “Standby Baggage” especially
        with flights destined for the Hawaiian Islands.
        As noted YMMV each station may have a different approach to the handling of standby
        checked baggage depending on staffing – one thing important if your bags are checked
        standby make sure positively to alert the gate agent in clearing your boarding pass
        that you have bags on standby !

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      Is there a way to see and revue a Delta system time table?

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      Try a search in your browser:


      This is what I found LINK – had to click/search further –

      This brings you to a page (window) to INSTALL the schedule.

      Printed System Time Tables were discontinued years ago sometime in the early 90’s !
      At that time they were getting to be bigger than phone books !

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