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      If I create a listing for First Class in TravelNet and First Class gets full before NRSA is processed, do I get moved down to main cabin automatically?

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      Unless prohibited by other agreement – Delta clears the Airport Standby List (ASL) in order of
      class of Pass and Seniority starting with First/Business (Delta 1) Comfort + Coach and Economy Coach cabins.

      When listing for a flight you will be automatically listed for FC and offered the best seat in your
      Pass Class and Seniority.
      If no FC seats are available at departure you will be offered seating in the aft cabin seats being available.
      Some of our commuter partners do not have a first class cabin but your listing will still be for FC.
      If your flight makes an enroute stop – you will not be automatically upgraded to FC on the next leg.
      You may be removed from your seat and relocated to allow a higher class or more senior employee to travel.
      Best to plan your travel on non-stop flights.

      Next time you list for a flight – reference the ASL and click on any of the standby codes to see the
      entire list of revenue and non-revenue standby classes.
      Compare your Pass Class and Seniority to see where you stand in getting a coveted seat in the front cabin.
      Bear in mind that a large number of the standbys maybe revenue but not all these are eligible for
      upgrading to the front cabin and some non-revs maybe authorized to occupy a Jump Seat (JS) either cabin or cockpit.

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