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      i'm (ostensibly) flying on a buddy pass to rome in early april (was going to be april 2 but i see that's an embargo date) with 3 others. april 5 is now our target flying date. i have never done standby or used buddy passes before…how likely is it that 1. i will get a seat 2. all 4 of us will get seats on the same plane(s)? am i totally screwed?caroline

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      You should make it to Atlanta but I would recommend leaving on an earlier flight than the one suggested for the connection in order to give yourself plenty of time. Getting to Rome is a different story.It is a very popular destination.I have planned that trip a few times but the flight always filled up.Could you ask the employee to check the situation for you a number of times prior to the flight? What is the employee's hire date? It could especially spell trouble if the person is a new hire.Sorry to be so pessimistic, but that has been our experience.

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      Caroline:You can't always go where you want, when you want.

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