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Dress code for Non Rev for a United Employee from JFK to NCE.

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      Hello All I plan to Non Rev (ID-90) from JFK to NCE, and I am

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      Fortunately in these days you do not have to dress up in a tuxedo and stand out like an outcast.Think of a cruise ship - Smart Casual is the theme.So slacks and a polo shirt will work here.No tights; leggings; jeans with holes; T shirts with holes and/or inappropriate logos; athletic singlet; shorts; flip-flops etc.But basically it is common sense or just wear what you would wear flying United in business class.The non-rev dress code is pretty much the same for all carriers.Business and Coach class are alike in the dress code application - coach well maybe a bit more relaxed - but you can't tell the difference.Now First Class on long haul flights think about adding a sport jacket - tie not required - but mentioning tie(s) how one isdressed maybe the TIE breaker for acceptance to get an upgrade or clearance to the premium cabin should that opportunity happen.FYI

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