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Fee for flying non-rev as S3B from JFK to Tel Aviv

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      Hi,My father is a former delta employee and I'm a non-dependent who flies S3B. Does anyone know the fee for a flight from JFK to Tel Aviv? I'm hoping to go in July for a conference and I know there are direct flights, so I am just wondering how much I would have to pay. Thanks,

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      OP, is the “fee” that you're referring to the same as a “yield fare”?If so, have your dad do a dummy round trip booking for JFK to TLV and you'll get the fare on the first page on TravelNet after you pick flights. There's a red button near the top of the page that says something to the effect of "Calculate Yield/Buddy Fare". Once you've done that, he can simply log out without creating a listing.Hope this helps.

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