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      Hello folks,I need a big favor from any of you. I'm looking for a copy & paste screen with the passenger flight loads for these routes between Friday July 13rd (07/13/12) and Tuesday July 17th (07/17/12).I'm stucked in MAdrid as you can all see and looking for alternate plans.Your help is as always very well appreciated.Sincerely,JP

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      Alternate plans – a short list.Fly MAD to AMS (Amsterdam) then use KLM partner and code share flights.Fly MAD to PAR (Paris) then use Air France partner and code share flights.Fly MAD to FCO (Rome) then use Alitalia partner and code share flights.You are in Madrid and Iberia Airlines is the spanish flag carrier part of theUnited (Continental) Star Alliance.Then for the employee or retiree think of using a ZED Fare.Can't Fly out of MAD - take an Eurail Train surface to any of the above.When flying non-rev sometimes one has to face the reality of buying a revenueticket to get between points that are otherwise blocked or restricted.For specific flight loads - that is way too much data to research and up & download.You are on the internet to view and post use the internet @ to lookat flights that may work then look at "View Seats" to see visually how many seats are left to select for an idea of the space available chances.If you are the employee or retiree access the DeltaTravelNet with your logincredentials for a glimpse of what may or may not work.rma

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