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      Recently I discovered that my Delta Flight Pass Card (have had it 12 yrs or so) has gone missing. Although I did have the foresight to make a photocopy of it (front and back) several years ago, I don't see any phone# to call or any “in case of lost or stolen” info of any kind. Spoke w/one of my siblings about it (we each have our own card) but it appears that I'm the first in my family to have lost my FP card. Has anyone out there ever lost theirs? If so would you be so kind as to share: what steps did you take to resolve that situation, if indeed it was resolved? Thanks in advance, have a super weekend.

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      Replacement cards are no longer issued. This changed a few years ago since all Delta destinations do not require a paper ticket.

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      Ah, was not aware. Thanks for the info.

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