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Flying on a buddy pass in june to Hawaii

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      I have been told it is impossible to fly on a buddy pass with low priority in june to hawaii, I am looking to fly to Kauai june 1st-11th the dates are flexible and my friend going with me works for the airline, she has been told that it is impossible to on a buddy pass to hawaii in June.

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      It is not all that bad.Have your employee sponsor check the DeltaNet (TravelNet) to see what flights look promising.Stay away from flights with lots (and lots) of higher priority non-revs unless the flight is WIDE-OPEN.I can see a travel problem with the first part of the month (June) with school out and families withschool children; teachers and students traveling both to and from islands - but later not so much.According to the Hawaii Visitors Bureau statistics summer time travel to/from the islands is heavierthan the winter - Why you may ask ? Simple the sentence just above and the factor that folks livingin the humid southern parts of the USA escape to Hawaii for air conditioned relief just as northernfolks go to Hawaii to escape the cold in the winter. More people live in the south than the north.Look at breaking the travel into two parts - Mainland to Hawaii (HNL-Honolulu) and then interisland (HNL-LIH-Lihue, Kauai).Look at taking red-eye trips and flying at unpopular times (very very early am trips).As a general rule start early in the day - delays; cancellations; oversales and lots of other factors laterin the day make non-reving a real difficult task - not impossible but frustrating to a point of why bother.Plan on maybe a stopover (going and coming) to have a better opportunity of catching anything that getsyou there.Weekends may or may not be so great - midweek travel is better and recommended.Finally if it does look impossible consider buying a ticket with reservation and perhaps volunteering to bebumped with free travel on another flight or a voucher for travel in the future.DO NOT HOWEVER MAKE A RESERVATION AND CANCEL TO ATTEMPT STAND-BY - a lose lose situation resultingin loss of pass priviledges.Repeat - - -Have your employee sponsor check the Delta TravelNet for how fights look and the number of standbys presentlylisted.Then PLAN PLAN PLAN.rma

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      Anderson is correct, also keep in mind that your friend can buy a discount ticket on someone else airlines. (or jumpseat if she is a flight attendant or a pilot) While you cannot. Being stuck in Hawaii can be fairly expensive, there are many employees who are based else where but live in Hawaii. Good luck.

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