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How do I check availability while overseas

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      As a parent, how do I make changes or check non-rev seat availability while traveling overseas and can't reach my Delta employee son. I'm just learning how quickly things change from wide open to not available.

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      Changes can be processed by the ticket counter even if you don't have access to TravelNet. Checking availability is another matter. For that, you really need to be able to access TravelNet, though agents can be, and in my experience, generally are helpful in pointing you in the right direction. The problem is that you never really know how good your chances are until the airport standby list posts 24 hours before departure, and even then, things can go south, especially if you wind up with a lot of passengers being accommodated for IRROPS or you get people putting themselves on the nonrev list less than 24 hours out.My advice is to have several options in mind before trying to list for a flight. That's a lot easier to do domestically, but if you're trying to get out of an airport with multiple flights to various hubs, sometimes the right answer winds up being counterintuitive. An off the top of the head example might be CDG to SLC even if you're headed to the East Coast. The downloadable Delta PC desktop schedule program is very useful in this regard. Along the same lines, take the time to really learn the route system.

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      thanks for the recommendation. So far the trip has gone well but not being able to check availablilty without contacting my son will take some time to get used to. i hate to bother him.

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      I always say it's never a bother to ask for loads via email. If I see an email and I am ABLE to respond, no problem. Bother him–he's your son–he bothered you enough when growing up,yes?

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