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      Does anyone know if when we are trying to non rev to an international destination with checked baggage if our bags still go on the plane even if we for some reason dont end up getting a seat on the flight ??

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      Well that is not the way it is supposed to work.If you are on STANDBY then your bags are on STANDBY.All bags checked as standby are taken to the aircraft and not boarded until the agent clearing the standbys at the gate releases them.One scenario has the flight wide open (you wish) and all standby bags are boarded without restriction.Another has a few seats available and it is likely that some standbys will be boarded - this is when the gate agent calls the ramp peopleand alerts them to board ONLY cleared standby baggage. Most of the time this works fine and then there is the error when the rampjust simply boards all the bags not listening to the instructions from the gate. This can happen also when no standbys are boarded andsomeone jumps the gun mistakenly.Still yet the situation can be compounded with a connection = you are cleared to the connection city and your baggage boarded and thenshould also be on standby at the connection city but is just simply boarded in the assumption that you were cleared all the way thru toyour final destination. There is a lot to be desired to the standby travel system. One problem noted that in the past a standby boarding aflight with an enroute stop i.e. ATL-LAX-HNL would be cleared all the way thru to the final destination if space was available -NOW- thishas changed with all standbys virtually being removed at LAX and the Standby List reshuffled with all the standbys boarding at LAX.This was done so that higher class pass riders would not be disadvantaged at an enroute city. I don't agree with this change - the powers atthe top did not research this very well. Some of the lower class pass riders would go many miles out of their way to board a flight at its originpoint to avoid the bumping enroute!Thus it is possible for a ATL standby going to HNL to be removed at LAX and his baggage goes on to HNL to await his arrival. So now standbysare cleared point to point. This new change did nothing to address the standby baggage staying with the passenger for this example. It did nothingbut open a can or worms to cause extra needless work by ramp baggage people to load and unload standby baggage based on space availability.As regards international checked baggage with the security concerns of baggage appearing without passenger accompaniment - not likely.More like the bag left behind because of lack of standby clearance instructions.Thus the positive bag match with boarding passenger (revenue or non) would be a essential requirement.Good Luck with your travel - something to consider if your baggage is not checked all the way thru to final destination - then if time being a factorin your favor check the bag positively to JFK - then reclaim it and check it to CPH. You will at least know where you last saw the bag. I know a crappyinconvenience but you will have the bag at your side if plans change for a sudden turn and something else develops i.e. flight delay/cancellation betterstandby options on another flight say via AMSSomething else in this day and age of computers Delta has a website feature to track your baggage with the bar code tag. It is supposed to worklike this after you check you bag at the baggage counter the bag disappears down the rabbit hole to an area where the bags are assembled forloading on a specific flight. While intransit to this area the bag tag with its bar code will be scanned one or more times to divert the bag to thecorrect assembly area. When flight time nears all the bags in this area are taken to the plane side and loaded onto the aircraft. As they are beingloaded a ramp agent scans each bag to affirm that it was loaded on that flight. The memory inventory of that scanning device will create a historythat is accessible by the baggage people at lost and found as well as the customer with a computer or tablet link. So in the case of FLYING GATORno more trips for your bag to WYS without you - Good Luck with that !Airline Codes Used:ATL - AtlantaLAX - Los AngelesHNL - HonoluluSLC - Salt Lake CityJFK - New York City Kennedy AirportCPH - CopenhagenWYS - West Yellowstone

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